Advice for Troubled Times

During this tumultuous time, many of us are asking what we can personally do to help heal the deep pain and suffering in an increasingly troubled world. We thought that on this Saga Dawa Guru Rinpoche Day, an excerpt from Lama Tharchin Rinpoche’s advice for troubled times from the Fall of 2001 can provide inspiration and guidance. May Rinpoche’s teachings on and recitation of the Seven Line Prayer, requested by Lowell and Eileen Boyers in New York City in 2011, help us access the wisdom and skillful means to benefit ourselves and others. Access the recordings here.

“I know that these are very difficult times for our country and the world, stirring up deep emotional feelings. When we experience this kind of unstable situation, in general for the country, and also individually in our personal lives, it shakes everything up. It causes the vibrations of our negativity and fears to grow stronger. At times like these, we should try to reveal our inner peace through trust and belief in our Buddha nature. That state is unshakeable, unchangeable, always even. Try to meditate within equanimity wisdom nature and pray to Guru Rinpoche. Especially in degenerate times, Guru Rinpoche’s wisdom and compassion are particularly powerful. It’s there for us exactly when we need it. Repeat the “Seven Line Prayer” and the Vajra Guru Mantra with faith and devotion… We should pray equally that those people we love who died and those we consider our enemies will all be reborn in Guru Rinpoche’s pureland. If ten, a hundred, a thousand, or more people pray in this way, it can be very powerful and will eventually bring about world peace. Praying with wisdom and compassion brings only benefit and eventually leads to the state of fully enlightened omniscient Buddhahood. That is called inner peace. I will join my prayers with all of yours, and in this way, our intention can become vast and powerful.” - Lama Tharchin Rinpoche

Photo: Lama Tharchin Rinpoche at Summer Retreat, Pema Osel Ling (source unknown)

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