A Drop of Nectar: An Old Man's Heart Advice DVDs

© 2003 Lama Tharchin Rinpoche, 2 DVDs; Running Time: Teaching 1: 1 hour 34 min; Teaching 2: 2 hour 4 min

Also available as digital download. Rinpoche's teachings on his prayer given at Esalen Institute in 2004 also available here

Download a PDF of the poem.

The root of painful and confused emotions is ignorance, the lack of recognition of our own primordial nature. From that root emerge the five afflictive emotions and all of their innumerable branches. Caught in this state of confused mind, we cycle endlessly through states of temporary happiness and suffering, but never reach our goal of permanent, stable happiness. Contained within the essence of that emotional, suffering mind, however, is our enlightened nature. Enlightenment is not a state that exists outside of oneself. It is our own primordially awakened nature, luminous awareness. The natural display of this awareness is the five primordial wisdoms.

Teaching from his poem, A Drop of Nectar, Lama Tharchin Rinpoche discusses the methods to distinguish between the five afflictive emotions and the five primordial wisdoms, and introduces us to our original enlightened nature according to the Great Perfection point of view. He shows us how to abide in that state, and stabilize this awareness, leading to permanent happiness, free from suffering. In that dimension, not even the names “confusion” and “suffering” are known. The Great Perfection is not a partial or sectarian approach, so these teachings are appropriate for anyone with interest in deepening their spiritual practice.

With translation by Ngawang Zangpo from a teaching given at Orgyen Dorje Den in Alameda, California in October 2003.

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