Vajrasattva Practices for the Time of Death Now Available

Lama Tharchin Rinpoche's teachings from Pema Osel Ling Spring Retreat 2013,  formerly exclusive to Heart Teachings monthly subscribers, are now available to everyone on DVD or MP4 & MP3.

Rinpoche gives detailed teachings on death, dying, and the bardo experience, the intermediate state between this life and the next, along with pith instructions on the practices we can do on our own that can truly benefit ourselves and others at the time of death, including a short Nay Lung (ritual to guide the dead).

From Rinpoche’s Introduction: “This very practical collection of concise practices prepares one for the critical time of dying and death. The practices are profound as they contain the essence of wisdom, yet are also clear and simple enough so that they can easily be practiced by anyone. These practices are extremely beneficial in preparing one for their own death, or for helping others who have died or are in the dying process. It is with this motivation that I compiled this little book of essential practices.”