Super Blood Wolf Moon is a special time to practice

Tonight’s Super Blood Wolf Moon total lunar eclipse is a powerful time for dharma practice. Eclipses, whether solar or lunar, Lama Tharchin Rinpoche taught, represent the sun and moon’s outer dissolution, which corresponds to the inner dissolution of the body’s white and red elements into the subtle body’s central channel. Due to the interdependence of the outer universe and our inner bodies, our secret minds settle and become less turbulent during eclipses. In particular, it is a special time to recite the Kunzang Monlam (Great Perfection Prayer of Kuntuzangpo). While chanting, we can visualize ourselves as Kunzang Yab Yum, meditating on inseparable awareness-emptiness.

As a support for our practice on this auspicious occasion, the last full moon of the Earth Dog year, you can stream or download Lama Tharchin Rinpoche chanting the Kunzang Monlam, recorded in March 2005. You'll find it on our SoundCloud page.

If you’re in the area, please join the Vajrayana Foundation lamas and sangha for Full Moon Buddha Puja and Tsok at Pema Osel Ling, Santa Cruz Mountains, California, on Monday, January 21, 2019 at 7pm.

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