Special Guru Rinpoche Day

June 20, 2021: Guru Rinpoche Day, Fifth Lunar Month

We wish you a happy Summer Solstice Guru Rinpoche Day. This tenth day of the fifth lunar month celebrates the birth of Guru Rinpoche and was also Lama Tharchin Rinpoche’s birthday (1936-2013). In honor of this special occasion, we are offering Lama Tharchin Rinpoche’s “Introduction to Buddhism and the Great Perfection” teaching given in Los Angeles in April 1996. Rinpoche introduces Buddhism and the view, meditation, and conduct of Dzogchen Great Perfection and stresses that Dzogchen practice as a means of recognizing our inherently pure nature is beyond religion, culture, and tradition. Whatever our spiritual belief system, we can integrate it with this highest wisdom that hits directly to our immaterial wisdom nature.

You can stream the teaching for free on SoundCloud.

During the same visit to Los Angeles, Rinpoche led a weekend retreat and teachings on the “Collection of Seven Treasures Guru Yoga (Thuk Drub Sangwa Düpa),” the daily practice of the longer sadhana by Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche that has formed the basis of Vajrayana Foundation’s annual Drupchen retreats at Pema Ösel Ling since 1992 and the Seven Treasures Guru Rinpoche Retreat culminating today.

We are excited to announce that these newly produced audio teachings are now available on Heart Teachings by Lama Tharchin Rinpoche along with the video of Rinpoche’s 2011 Drupchen teaching on the daily practice. Rinpoche explains how, by engaging in the Vajrayana practice of Mahayoga, utilizing the path of the symbolic deity in order to realize the ultimate wisdom deity of our innate unchanging true nature, we can accomplish the Guru’s wisdom mind.

We hope you can join today’s final day of the Seven Treasures Guru Rinpoche Retreat online at www.vajrayana.org.

Photo: Lama Tharchin Rinpoche at Drupchen Cham (sacred dance) with Guru Rinpoche’s Eight Manifestations, Yeshe Tsogyal, and Mandarava. Pema Ösel Ling, Corralitos, California, mid-1990s

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