Troma Nagmo Nay Dren Ceremony for the Dead (Series 14) mp4 & mp3

© 2006-2007 Lama Tharchin Rinpoche

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Recorded at Rinpoche's residence, Fern Flat, Aptos, CA; 2006-2007

Language: Rinpoche teaches in English

A Nay Dren is a ceremony to help people who have died and are wandering in the bardo. It involves using symbols, seed syllables, name plaques and so on, that serve as supports to draw in the dead person’s consciousness that is wandering in samsara. The ceremony includes sections giving dharma teachings, empowerment, making offerings, showing the path, and finally transferring their consciousness into the pureland. This extremely profound Nay Dren in particular is connected with Tröma Nagmo, the heart essence of Dudjom Lingpa’s treasure cycles. It comes from Dudjom Lingpa’s treasure “Chö Nyid Nam Khai Long Dzöd (The Treasury of the Vast Expanse of the Space of Dharmata)”.

Teachings 1 & 2 are based on the extensive practice text from Dudjom Lingpa’s Tröma Volume p.375-392: “chos nyid nam mkha’i klong mdzod las / tshe ‘das rjes ‘dzin gnas lung khrus lung bzhugs so” (“From the Treasury of the Vast Expanse of the Space of Dharmata, A Ritual of Purification to Care for Those Who Have Passed Away, Guiding Them to a Pure Land”). Teaching 3 consists of Rinpoche performing the practice and explaining the ritual activities. Teachings 4 & 5 are on the short Nay Dren practice, also from The Treasury of the Vast Expanse of the Space of Dharmata, “The Staircase to Freedom: A Ritual to Care for those who have Passed Away, based upon Machik Troma Nagmo” (Tharpay Tem Kay).

Text: not available in English translation

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Running Times: T1: 00:55:42; T2: 01:44:04; T3: 00:58:38; T4: 00:58:49; T5: 00:58:20

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