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Recorded at Open Secret Bookstore, San Rafael, California; December 3, 2007

Language: Rinpoche teaches in English

Lama Tharchin Rinpoche teaches on the Seven Branch Offering Prayer by Chatral Rinpoche, found in the Khandro Tuk-Tik Ngondro. 

Why do we make the seven branch offerings? As sentient beings, our buddha nature has been temporarily obscured by the two defilements (gross and subtle levels). How, then, can we manifest our buddha nature? We do this by removing the two obscurations by practicing the two accumulations of merit and wisdom. In this way, we become perfect buddhas. It is for this purpose that we recite the Seven Branch Offering Prayer.

The seven branches: 1) prostration; 2) offering; 3) confession; 4) rejoicing; 5) requesting the dharma teachings; 6) requesting enlightened beings to remain; 7) dedication of merit

Excerpt (edited) from the teaching: “Prostrations are inconceivably powerful. Prostration means appreciating the qualities of others. When you are open - when your mind is pure, gentle, soft, genuine - you have the ability to appreciate inconceivable qualities of phenomena. When you shut down that openness, everybody and all phenomena can become like some kind of enemy. “Oh, I don’t like that!” or, “I hate them!” Your mind is chewing on and getting the taste of that experience, but no one is getting hurt besides you. It is very important to train your mind to experience purity using this Vajrayana path. You can feel your mind mingling with, merging with, the qualities of purity, faith, devotion, and pure vision. Your mind, training in this way, is beautiful. That is prostration.” – Lama Tharchin Rinpoche, Seven Branch Offering Prayer Teaching, Open Secret Bookstore, San Rafael, California. December 3, 2007

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