Prayer of the Three Kayas (Series 23) DVDs

© 2011 Lama Tharchin Rinpoche

Format: 4 DVDs; Also available as mp4 & mp3 download

Recorded at Rinpoche’s residence, Fern Flat, Aptos, California; Aug-Nov 2011

Language: Rinpoche teaches in English

“A Dharma treasure of the Jang-ter (Northern Treasures) “Seven Chapters” revealed by the tertӧn Rigdzin Gӧ Dempa, these direct vajra words from Guru Rinpoche are most important for us followers of his tradition.

The 6,400,000 Dzogchen Great Perfection tantras are synthesized in the three sections of Sem-dé (Mind Section), Long-dé (Space Section), and Men-ngak-dé (Upadesha; Pointing-out Instruction Section). Guru Rinpoche condensed all of these into the Dzogchen Men-ngak-dé and this prayer contains its essence and precise meaning. It is so vital for us Dharma practitioners because our goal in practice is to recognize the stainless view of Dzogchen. Although there are so many different methods to recognize the view, the highest, most profound, and fastest method is through guru yoga, transferring the guru’s wisdom mind directly to the student’s mind. This prayer is based on that transference of Guru Rinpoche’s wisdom mind to our own mind. It is so central for Nyingmapa practitioners that we all begin our first session with this prayer. Each line, and each word, is rich with profound meaning and blessings.

Because of the tremendous benefit of this single prayer for recognizing and maintaining the view, and since it carries with it so many blessings from Guru Rinpoche, I always recommend that my spiritual friends recite this prayer. Through daily recitation, we are reminded how to hold the profound view in meditation and how to carry it into our daily lives. We recognize the nature of all phenomena –  form, sound and thought – as inseparable from the three kayas, and thus awaken to the true nature of reality. Therefore, I am offering these teachings as my legacy for you.”

- Lama Tharchin Rinpoche

Text: Vajrayana Foundation Daily Practice Book (BJP 2015) and Additional Prayers (BJP)

Sent to subscribers: September-December 2011

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