Troma Nagmo Fire & Water Offerings (Series 13) DVDs

© 2006 Lama Tharchin Rinpoche

Format: 4 DVDs; Also available as mp4 video & mp3 audio

Download brief Notes on the Sur Chod practice.

Recorded at Rinpoche's residence, Fern Flat, Aptos, CA; 2006

Language: Rinpoche teaches in English

Tröma Nagmo Fire & Water Offerings – Mé-Chöd, Nol-Sang, Drib-Sang, Sur-Chöd, and Concise & Extensive Chu-Jin Teachings by Lama Tharchin Rinpoche This series of teachings comes from Dudjom Lingpa’s treasure teachings “Chö Nyid Nam Khay Long Dzöd (The Treasury of the Vast Expanse of the Sky of Dharmata),” Tröma Nagmo cycle. Teaching 1 has the Mé-Chöd, which is a short version of the jin-sek fire offering, involving visualization of the mandala of wisdom deities. The four activities (pacifying, enriching, magnetizing, and wrathful) can be performed according to your needs and desires – they are all contained within this concise and easy to perform offering. Teaching 2 includes the Nol-Sang, which purifies defilements or pollution of our energy caused by various impure circumstances. It also includes the Drib-Sang to clear away impurities related to our environment, as well as the Sur-Chöd. It is an offering to the four guests (the guests of reverence – the Triple Gems; the guests of noble qualities – the protectors; the guests of compassion – the six types of beings; and the guests to whom we owe karmic debt – the obstructers) , in particular a food offering for those who have died and are wandering in the bardo. Teaching 3 has the concise and extensive water offerings (chu jin) from the Tröma cycle. Like the Sur-Chöd, it is an offering to the four guests and a special offering to the wealth deity Black Dzambhala in order to remove suffering of poverty and gain the blessings of wealth. The concise version has been translated and is very easy to perform. Teaching 4: In addition to teaching from the texts, Lama Tharchin Rinpoche performs several of the ceremonies so we can learn the melodies and actually see each step of how they are set up and performed: Short Chu-Jin (0:54), Nol-Sang & Drib-Sang (21:28), Sur-Chod (30:39) (note: the Me-Chod is not included on this video)

In the future, Rinpoche also hopes to teach on the longer versions of jin-sek and sang offerings, and many others contained within this Tröma Nagmo cycle.

Text for Fire Offerings: “Spontaneously Accomplished Enlightened Activity: Fire Offering of the Dakini Tröma Nagmo” by Dudjom Lingpa (Bero Jeydren Publications, 2000) Texts for Water Offerings: Tröma Cycle: Extensive p.465-472 (“chos nyid nam mkha’i klong mdzod las: chu sbyin bdud rtsi kun khyab bzhugs so”) – not translated; & Concise p.473-474 (“chos nyid nam mkha’i klong mdzod las: chu sbyin bdud rtsi’i gter mdzod bzhugs so”/ “From the Expansive Treasure of the Space of the Nature of Phenomena: The Treasure Trove of Nectar Water Offering”)

Text: Troma Nagmo Fire & Water Offerings (BJP):

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