Dudjom Tersar Ngondro Teachings (Series 19) digital download

Please receive the oral transmission for this ngondro from a qualified lineage-holding lama.

© 2008 Lama Tharchin Rinpoche

mp4 video & mp3 audio files for download; Add a thumb drive if you'd like to have digital files mailed to you. Also available on 18 DVDs (NOT CURRENTLY IN STOCK)

Teaching 10 is also available separately on DVD or mp4 video. It is a practical explanation of Ngondro practice and includes Rinpoche performing the daily practices and practical instructions on the Ngöndro and others, including Lung Rol Salwa (the nine cleansing breaths).

Text: Dudjom Tersar Concise Ngondro Daily Practice (BJP 2015) or Preliminary Practices of the Dudjom Tersar (BJP 2015)

If you are a current member of the Vajrayana Foundation Ngondro Program, please contact the Ngondro Program administrator for discounted pricing.

Sent to subscribers: September 2008-June 2009

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