Green Tara, Teachings on Dudjom Lingpa's "Prayer that Confers Protection from all Fear" m4v & mp3 download

© 2006 Lama Tharchin Rinpoche

m4v video & mp3 audio download; please allow 5 business days for download link to be sent; Running Time: 1 hour 29 min

Also available on DVD; LTR reciting the prayer on mp3 & Teachings at Open Secret Bookstore 2008

“After his death, Dudjom Lingpa appeared to his son, Ter-say Dorje Dradul, in a vision and gave him this Green Tara practice. It is extremely profound and powerful, yet very easy to practice and accumulate. It offers protection from all of our fear and suffering, whether immediate or long-term. Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche always did this practice and very often gave it to his monastery and drubdra as well as to many other students, so I thought it would be very special for us to do.” – Lama Tharchin Rinpoche

Text: The Eightfold Profound Essence: A Concise Ritual of the Tara Mandala from "The Treasury of the Sky-Expanse of Reality" by Dudjom Lingpa (Bero Jeydren Publications, March 2006; translations by Ngawang Zangpo or Dechen Yeshe Wangmo). Available to download in letter format or in print through Dharma Treasures.

Sent to Subscribers: June 2006

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